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We would like any girl and every girl, no matter how she is seen, made to feel, or thought of, to be whoever they believe they can be. We truly hope our girls will inspire and encourage all girls to feel and simply be. Pretty in blue was born out of the belief that all girls can and should belong. Here at pretty in blue, we believe our strongest powers lie within us and we are here to encourage girls to first and foremost find that in themselves. In our girls, Maliha, Kiki and Luna we hope to show to other girls that they too can do anything. Our products hope to inspire girls to dream their own dreams and to know that all of it is valid and that anything is possible for them. We truly strive to take every step to ensure our products stand by our values of empowerment, kindness, and acceptance. We seek out and will work with those that embody those values. Pretty in blue aims is to deliver a unique style, quality, and comfort. Whether it is a t-shirt of Maliha breaking that through a metaphoric glass door, Kiki making sure she’s not left out or Luna’s determination to dream the biggest dreams. Our girls’ tops will bring a smile to a girl’s face, a girl that can recognise herself in our girls or a girl who knows that she too can be just like them if she chooses.


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